Review of the new album

De la lune au soleil

Jefferson Noizet continues his journey between America and the French language. This record marks the beginning of a collaboration with Patrick Le Moal, also a longtime friend, songwriter, and ardent defender of the French language. Three titles have emerged from it, including the premonitory “I greet you” recorded long before the pandemic. Another participation, musical this one, that of the composer Oswald Rosier with the title “Au Soleil” whose lyrics are also by Patrick Le Moal. Among the musicians we meet the usual accomplice Michel Vergine, at the same time sound engineer, director and guitarist but also the inseparable local musicians, Dan Collet (bass), Jimmy Smith (keyboards) as well as Akim Bournane (double bass) and Dietmar Waechtler on pedal steel. A very beautiful record with a favorite track for me “Close the door” »
Sam Pierre
Le Cri du Coyote / October 2020