Jefferson Noizet and his album "Carte de visite" made the object at the end of October of a whole page in the Morgan County Citizen, the newspaper of Madison (Georgia), further to his song "Madison" inspired by this city and what it had sent to the mayor of this town.
"…One of these albums which we keep for the warmth, as a treasure. One of the best surprises of this country. "
With his self-produced "Carte de visite", the Toulouse-native Jefferson Noizet proves with flying colours how even small Garonne can seamlessly sound just like the colossal Mississippi ! Doubtlessly influenced by all good aspects of American country, blues, folk, Noizet’s blend does not become flustered, providing a truly brilliant and engaging debut album. Primarily due to his subtile and refined compositions, based on dobro, finger-picking and alternative lap-steel. They open up a whole world of sound and music, immersing the listener deep into the heart of Bayou. This is followed with lyrics, which shine warmth and nostalgia, a lover’s sincere tribute to the Southern USA, to France or elsewhere. Toulouse is widely discussed, just as much as Uncle Sam’s country... Jefferson Noizet is the perfect bridge between Toulouse and the US ; almost as a little brother to Graeme Allwright, Woodie Guthrie and Bill Deraime
What does it take to create good blues ? A guitar ? Buddies with instruments ? A pretty little girl on your side, but would that be going too far ? A meandering river stream ; slow, free and long ? A land, the kind that roots one in ? An old Dylan, down memory lane ? Questions we ask people and answer that blow in the wind ? Our pal Noizet embodies all of this ; so, what are you waiting for ?
Toulouse and the blues, folk-blues rather ; this our buddy Jeff’s agenda, which, in the words of Molière, is no easy task. I mean, to sing French in a country-folk style. Madison is a beautiful song, clearly brimming with love for Americana, and on all eight tracks one feels the urge to marry Marcel Dadi and Cabrel, to permanently join together France with the US. This man knows his music (rock-critic, music programmer...) from long ago (he leans more so towards Graeme Allwright than Devendra Banhart, to place him loosely), his acoustic blues has the all eclectic charm required for a lovely evening at the banks of the Garonne.
" I was born one day on the banks of the Garonne, but I know there was a misunderstanding , the stork made a mistake, for she didn’t lodge me in the land of Robert Johnson. " Thus his song "Carte de visite", summarises the musical profile of Jefferson Noizet. With a bag full of folk, blues and country, this singer-songwriter (which is self-produced, besides everything else), is sowing the " seeds of plain words " and with a nonchalant, nostalgic of the romantic Deep South… His style ? Gascontryfolk, French Americanaïoli, an Americana concentrate dubbed in French… Your choice !